About Us

RateWatch has been proudly serving the financial industry since 1989. For over 25 years, RateWatch has continuously evolved to provide clients with multiple options of one-time and subscription reporting in several key price-setting areas, including deposits, loans and fees. The diversity and flexibility of RateWatch's services, along with superb quality and service, gives executives the best resources to maintain their competitive edge.

Financial institutions of all types and sizes depend on the timely and accurate information provided by RateWatch to make critical, profit-affecting decisions every day. Over 5,000 institutions nationwide currently rely on one or more of the services provided. RateWatch successfully meets their needs by acquiring data, including interest rates, fees, and product information, for over 98,000 institution locations. RateWatch's depth of data is unmatched in the industry and also supports government agencies and academia with current and historical research needs.

RateWatch is a part of TheStreet, the leading independent digital financial media company providing business and financial news, investing ideas and analysis to personal and institutional investors worldwide.