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The Millennial generation is expected to reach its peak in 2036 at 81.1 million people. What does the next 20 years have in store for the banking industry and how will financial institutions serve this huge client base? There still seems to be a mystery behind what millennials want from a financial institution and how they want to do their banking. 

Attracting Millennials in an Evolving Digital Banking Landscape

Millennials are seen as the prized consumer; they now represent the largest living generation. Many studies have tried to figure out this mysterious group, and ultimately they are still a mystery. This survey takes key points discovered in our latest consumer survey, Millennial Goals: Lifestyle, Money and Banking, and polls bankers to see what they are doing to specifically attract Millennials. We examine what types of technology they are offering in terms of digital banking, what marketing strategies they are using and what new products and services are being developed to serve this generation.   

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That is just a sampling of what you can gain from this 95+ page report of survey results. Attracting Millennials in an Evolving Digital Banking Landscape is available for only $129.

Millennial Goals: Lifestyles, Money, and Banking

In November of 2016, RateWatch set out to explore Millennials and Banking. To better understand their perspective on life and financial goals, frustrations about money and how they want to do business with their financial institutions, we polled nearly 600 Millennials across the country. 


Millennial Goals: Lifestyle, Money & Banking displays tables and graphs showing responses for all respondents as a whole as well as breaking them down to gender, age and income groups. Interesting highlights are also included throughout to point out significantly significant comparisons. This 85+ page report is available for only $179. 

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