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Here's some helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Search by address, zip code, or city and state
  2. Filter by institution type, product type, and rate in the left menu bar
  3. Click rate bubbles to display detail such as address, phone #, website, # of locations, deposit balances and Yelp reviews
  4. Print Deposit Report - view all 5 commonly offered deposit products in report format

Terms and Conditions for Printing Deposit Reports

By requesting to print deposit rate reports, you agree to provide RateWatch with deposit and loan product information at RateWatch's discretion. In the event RateWatch contacts you, you agree to participate in an efficient data submission process and to provide current information. To ensure accuracy, if product information is not updated within the expected timeframe, you agree to accept email and phone reminders from RateWatch. RateWatch reserves the right to deny the print feature if accurate data does not meet our quality standards.

By agreeing, your machine will be registered to print without repeating the agreement process each time.

Sorry, your RateMap printing access has been discontinued.
If you feel this had been done in error or you would like to reinstate
your printing ability, please contact Client Relations at 800.348.1831.
Sorry, your Credit Union League no longer has access to RateMap.
Please contact your League for details or a RateWatch representative
for information on additional services.

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