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Enhance Your Customers' Experiences - From Entrance to Exit

Evaluate the execution of your procedures. Fully understand representatives' skills and customers' experiences using professionally conducted internal shops.

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RateWatch has partnered with IntelliShop, a leader in the emerging field of customer experience improvement. Working closely with you to understand your needs, we design a program to measure and improve all aspects of the customer experience, including onsite, online and on the phone.

Why Mystery Shopping?

A traditional customer survey can tell you if your customers are satisfied overall, but it takes a mystery shopper to show if your employees are following the steps that drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales.

Mystery shoppers are your eyes and ears on the ground. They are trained not only to identify which processes are being followed, but more importantly to evaluate whether your employees take advantage of every customer encounter to delight and exceed customer expectations. Are your tellers just being polite, or do they go the extra mile by smiling, engaging in small talk, using the customer's name, and suggesting additional products and services? Do your account representatives simply answer inquiries, or do they take the steps necessary to make the sale by asking the right questions, proactively communicating the benefits of doing business with you, and ultimately asking for the business? For a better understanding of the difference between customer surveys and mystery shopping, download our free white paper.

Mystery Shopping Services Offered

Provide the level of service your customers expect through the following:

  • On-site Platform Shops
  • On-site Teller Shops
  • Phone shops
  • Compliance/Reg E Reviews
  • Competition Shops
  • Web shops
Additional Services Also Available:
  • Market Research & Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Onsite Audits
  • Telephone Evaluations
  • Hispanic-Focused Services
  • Digital Photography

Advantages of Mystery Shopping Services

  • The RateWatch Experience
  • Customized Designs
  • Robust Quality Assurance
  • Best-In-Class Reporting System
  • No Outsourcing of Shoppers
  • Execution
  • Detailed Reports
  • Shopper Certification & Grading
  • A Team to Serve You
  • Value
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To understand the difference between Mystery Shopping and Customer Surveys, download our free white paper comparing the two.

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