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Event Name:*Complimentary Webinar* A New Era in Deposit Gathering – Methods That Work
Date:Thursday, August 24, 2017 2:30pm CDT
Presented By:RateWatch
Panelist(s) Info: Neil Stanley, CEO and Founder of The CorePoint  (Bio)

The CorePoint was launched in 2010 – built by bankers for bankers – and is located out of Omaha, NE. The CorePoint offers a combined approach through strategic and patented processes, frontline training, and a unique technology platform. The company now serves financial institutions across the country and is invited to present at local and national conventions as the expert in CD management and sales.


The cost of wholesale funding is on the rise. Interest bearing deposits will be increasingly difficult to attract and retain. Regulators are paying close attention to retail deposits. It is critical that financial institutions prepare for this changing landscape to ensure a healthy balance sheet. 

Webinar speaker Neil Stanley, CEO & Founder of The CorePoint, will share important economic implications as the Fed has continued to raise interest rates. Key takeaways from the webinar will be:

  • Developing a deeper understanding of the important issues related to the community institution's balance sheet
  • An appropriate perspective about CDs, including the level of focus as part of the overall portfolio
  • Common myths about time deposits
  • Clearly defined challenges and opportunities in selling time deposits
  • Recommendations, including what most FIs across the country are doing to attract and retain CDs
  • Strategy for managing the CD portfolio without focusing on rate alone