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Event Name:FFIEC Call Report #051 for Small Financial Institutions
Date:Wednesday, January 18, 2017 11:00am CST
Presented By:BankersHub
Panelist(s) Info: Paul J Sanchez - Owner PSA, Professional Services Associates
Credits:1.2 AAP Credits, 1.0 CPE Credit

This webinar takes a look at the latest information about FFIEC proposal to streamline the Call Report for small financial institutions. A new FFIEC Form #051 will be used for small institutions. Form #051 will be only 65 pages of data as opposed to the current 85 pages. The Form #051 will be required for approximately 90% of all Call Report filers.

This session will emphasize:

  • Significant reductions to specific Call Report lines currently on the Forms #031 and #041
  • Changes in frequency of certain information that can now be filed semi-annually or annually
  • The new Schedule SU which will have questions to be answered in lieu of many lines elsewhere on the current forms

Specific changes related to:

  • Derivatives
  • Trading Assets and Liabilities
  • Mortgage Banking Activities
  • Fair Value Measurements
  • Servicing, Securitization and Asset Sale Information
  • Credit Card Lending
  • FDIC Loss Sharing Agreements

 Participants in this webinar will take away valuable information about how the FFIEC will lessen the reporting burden.

The webinar will allow all Call Report filers to get an “early start” on changes to the new Form #051, which will be required for small institution Call Reports starting on 3/31/17.

This webinar is for those filers who are wise, prudent, and want to be prepared in advance for the numerous changes to be made. It is for those who don’t wait until the “last minute.”