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Regulatory Expectations of an Institution’s Credit Process - 2-Part Webinar Series
Presented By:BankersHub
Panelist(s) Info: John Barrickman President New Horizons Financial Group

The current credit environment and regulatory pressure have forced the management of many banks to reassess the bank’s credit process. Several institutions have found their credit process does not provide adequate sophistication to properly manage increasing portfolio risk. Other institutions have determined that as the bank has grown, the regulators’ expectations of required sophistication of the bank’s credit process have changed.

New tools are being developed to predict portfolio performance and proactively manage portfolio risk. These tools are being employed effectively by community banks as well as large banks to not only better manage portfolio credit risk but also build competitive advantage.

This webinar will provide participants an overview of best practices in credit risk management. Participants will be able to benchmark their institution against regulatory expectations and industry best practices.

Important Takeaways for attendees:

  • Determining risk tolerance
  • Defining the model portfolio
  • Loan policy/procedures
  • Organization of the lending function
  • Approval process
  • Asset quality rating framework
  • Risk based pricing
  • Quantifying portfolio risk
  • Comprehensive portfolio monitoring/reporting
  • Regulatory guidance for institutions with concentrations in commercial real estate
  • Portfolio stress testing
  • Active portfolio management to achieve the model portfolio
  • Loan officer responsibilities, workload, performance, appraisal and incentives
  • Portfolio Pruning
  • Allowance for loan and lease losses methodology (CECL)

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Recorded On: Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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