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Wire Transfer Fraud – Moving From Reactionary to Preventative
Presented By:BankersHub
Panelist(s) Info: Terri Sands AAP  (Bio)

Terri Sands is a recognized leader in the Payments industry with decades of hands-on experience in payments compliance, risk management and more. She founded Secura Risk Management 8 years ago to deliver education, consulting and auditing services in the areas of payments risk management (ACH, RDC, Wire Transfer, Debit Cards), BSA/AML, fraud prevention, and physical security for financial institutions and FinTech companies. 

Terri is also Director of Payments Risk Management at State Bank & Trust (GA). Previously, she was Managing Director of Payments Information Circle, President of GACHA, and Training Manager for ACH Services at the Federal Reserve Bank. Terri has been an instructor for BankersHub for almost ten years.


Wire Transfer is a credit only, irrevocable and immediate payment system which makes it unfortunately a haven for fraudsters. Many financial institutions may have gaps in their wire transfer program that may go undetected until a fraudulent attack occurs. This payments webinar provides a deep dive into a vulnerable wire program ranging from how wire transfer instructions are received to how the wire transfer is funded and originated.

This payments fraud webinar will also open financial institutions eyes to the blind spots they may have missed in their wire transfer fraud prevention program. Learn lessons from other financial institutions that have been hit with wire fraud and how they quickly implemented procedures and best business practices to close the gap. This wire transfer webinar is not one to miss!

Topics Covered:

  • Review of the Wire Transfer Topology
  • Review of Common Wire Gaps
  • Reactionary Business Practices vs. Preventive Business Practices
  • Real Life Case Studies of Wire Fraud and Lessons Learned
  • Best Business Practices for Resolving Wire Transfer Gaps

Available Sessions:

Recorded On: Thursday, November 29, 2018
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